Grace and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. We at Police Officers for Christ are pleased to announce and to welcome all to our Annual Picnic to be held on Thursday, July 26, 2007. This is a time of fellowship in the Lord and with our brothers and sisters in Christ. We welcome you to invite family and friends for this occassion. Our Det. Markowski has put great effort and time to prepare this event for God’s people. The picnic will be hosted at Cunningham Park near the Highway 3 parking lot. Entrance is accessible through the Francis Lewis Blvd exit off the Grand Central Pkwy. We will be supplying hot dogs, hamburgers, refreshments and music. Those who desire to bring side dishes or any other food are more than welcome. We will begin at 3:00 pm and conclude at 7:00 pm. So please let us come together as the family of God and feast with one another.

Yours in Christ, Bro. Charles Fletcher  

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Add your e-mail to our Notification Service and be AUTOMATICALLY UPDATED!!!

We’ve received requests to begin a “Police Officers for Christ Notification Service“; and we loved the idea!!! If you want to join, simply send me an e-mail at President@pofcnypd.com and type: “ADD ME TO POFC NOTIFICATION SERVICE“. We will add your name to our Notification System. You will AUTOMATICALLY be notified of POFC events, you will be the first to receive our Newsletter “The Swordbearer“, and you will be sent a monthly reminder before every meeting. Don’t be the last person on your block to sign onto this new system.

God bless,
Bro. Charles Fletcher

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Welcome to the New POFC Website

   Welcome to our all new Blog.  We're so glad that you've made your way here.  You'll want to check in with us often because this blog will be updated regularly. 

   The Presidnet of POFC attends monthly meetings with the member organizations of the "Committee of Police Societies" and Chief O'Neill – C.O. of the Police Commissioner's Employee Relations Section.  During these meetings we are updated on the happenings of the Department (from 1 P.P.'s perspective).  We are also given advanced notification of promotions.  We are advised of the next promotional list and the number of Sgt.'s; Lt.'s or Capt.'s that are going to be promoted – and of course the date.

   Besides this information, we will keep you posted on the results of our many outreach events.  I look forward to seeing you here often.  God bless you!!!


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